Breathin ain’t Easy

I dont know what direction were pointed
Your another saint who’s yet to be annointed
I’ve done my time been through hell
Throw me a rope crawlin out of this well
And breathe just breathe
Take in the sun and feel the wind
Kiss my ass with that fire and brim
I just need to breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice




Hole in my Soul

lived my whole life worth a feeling I’d been abandoned

Hole in my soul as big as the grandest of canyons

Climbing the hill 

But a hole I can’t fill

I’ve begged and I’ve borrowed stolen and lied

But the darkness deep inside me I will no longer hide

SHE will no longer be denied

Climbing and climbing climbing the hill

Hole in my soul I can never fill

I don’t know if I’d even dare

I love the way that girl she wears her hair

And how she dresses I can’t help but stare

Summon the courage or let this chance go by

And if I do my God I might just die

Unknown Name

Like the piercing of an arrow

You cut through a straight so narrow

The precision of a surgeon

Or the taking of a virgin

Timing is your allie 

When it hits them they won’t know why

A heart cannot withstand

The sleightest touch of your soft hand

Neither night nor midday sun

Could subtract from times you’ve won

Not a soul who walks the earth 

Can deny just what you’re worth

For one chance where do I sign

You laugh saying”Get in line”

Tell me please what is your game

Just a hint maybe a name

Then you whisper into my ear 

And it all becomes quite clear


A New Life

I stopped grieving 

From your leaving

Nothing like the rain

To wash away the pain

No longer hiding from the sun

My new life has just begun

Hallelujah I’m relieved

God it’s good to finally breathe

In love again I can believe

Yes I’m worthy and deserve

All the Universe is here to serve

The air smells sweeter

My true love I’ve yet to meet her