Breathin ain’t Easy

In what direction have we been pointed

You’re a saint who’s yet to be anointed

I’ve done my time and been through hell

Throw me a rope crawling out of this well

And breathe just breathe

Take in the sun and feel the wind

Kiss my ass with that fire and brim

I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice

Love is like breathing, no way to live without

That needs to be remembered

Shatter any sense of doubt

# Life’s moment, living free





Only Love

There is only Love. There are no opposites. Love continuously attempts to pour itself onto and into all of us. There is no opposite only resistance to Her. Our only goal when feeling ill or any negative feeling is to be willing to let go of resistance.

It is not even in our power to remove the resistance but to be willing for it to be removed.

There is ONLY LOVE

The Door to Heaven

I lean into the door pushing with everything I’ve got. The pain in my shoulder is excruciating but I continue to summon the strength to attempt to force open this door. In my mind, it is the entrance to heaven, the final obstacle to Grace and peace of mind. I cry out to my father, the Holy Spirit, Christ all angels please please allow my entering this most sacred place.

A voice from beyond the door whispers in a comforting voice. ” ThE DOOR OPENS INWARD.”

Suggestions Maybe

My story needs to change

Perspective rearranged

Although it may feel strange

I’ve learned my lesson


It’s my story mine to write

To finally come to light

My desires in my sight

Jumpin off and taking flight

This time there is no question


Design the set call in the cast

Create the future learn from the past

Happiness cannot come last

Damn it takes so many times for me to take suggestion


One day I’ll look into the mirror

Where I am will be much clearer

I’ve traveled far wind in my face

It’s worn me out this endless race

180 here wind at my back

Maybe my life would get on track

Why can’t I shake what I regret

All those I have or have not met

In my mind I rearrange

Things from my past I cannot change

Theres wisdom from what I have learned

Wisdom God knows that I have earned

It’s time for me to pass this on

Wisdom remains the past is gone

Entering A Relationship With My God

It is a mistaken belief that in order to have a relationship with God I must have an understanding of Him. I am finding that entering into this relationship is how this understanding happens. Secondly to continuously attempt to become a more spirit filled person in order to enter a relationship with my God is also an opposite.  Once again it is in my entering this Holy relationship that I become a truly loving and spirit-filled being.

The truth that I discovered is I Am and always have been that which She has loved and adored.