Breathin ain’t Easy

In the wrong direction, far too often  pointed

I think you’re a saint, who’s yet to be anointed

I’ve done my time had my moments in hell

Throw me a rope crawling out of that well

And breathe just breathe

Take in the sun and feeling the wind

They can kiss my ass with that fire and brim

I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice

Love is like breathing, no way to live without

That needs to be remembered

Shatter any sense of doubt

# Life’s moment, living free




Unexplainable Existence

You can’t imagine the things that I’ve seen

Half of the time I don’t know what they mean

Sometimes enlightened

Others I’m frightened

I’ve not found my tribe

No one has been

Along for this ride

What does one do with an unexplainable existence

All of my questions are met with resistance

Will I ever know or does it even matter

Can one just let go and let all the plates then shatter

No way to explain the walls of resistance

Hmmmmm the unexplainable existence

Self- Inflicted

Loving yourself is the answer I’m told

From the looks of my life I guess I’m not sold

I carry a hammer, it’s etched with my name

To bludgeon myself and put me to shame

If I had a friend someone treated this way

I’d never allow at the end of the day

I’ve attempted to change but my hammer remains

Things long in the past but I carry the stains

In and out of therapy

Meetings and spirituality

My backpack holds this hammer well

Can’t seem to shake this ugly spell

A thousand times I’ve heard to just surrender

That all the pain I’ve known

somehow it would end there

Well I’ve decided I will now surrender

Surrender my wishes and all of my dreams

Let go of my faith and all my beliefs

Go back to the grind

Rely on myself

Truth is there’s nothing and nobody else

Who Cares

Who or what is it that cares

Who then is answering prayers

Who acts on their faith who dares

Seeing it though is so rare

When miracles happen who shares

If heavens a place

Please show me the stairs

Con artists preaching from the pulpit

All I can say is buyer beware

Religion separates all claim God as their own

Arguing it is their right and written somewhere in stone


Lotus, the True Heart

A space to return and know Thy truth

To bask in the waters of Love

The fragrance of Heaven

Go within follow the scent

Inhale until intoxicated

Hold that breath and dive

Deep, deeper where darkness becomes light

The water becomes velvet

The Mind finds rest

The dream becomes Vision

All questions find One answer

Float back to the surface buoyed by tears of joy and absolution

The realization of this fragrance will carry you through many lifetimes

Grace will become reality

Intuition and inspiration the norm


Guardian of the Dark

My ego stands guard upon the door. The vault where lies my own darkness. I feebly ask now let me enter for my answers lie within.

He kept me alive knowing the pain it holds was more than I could handle. Now I know I need to see to feel or Peace will never find me.

Human Frailty, I Am

Never enough

If one needs any further proof that we are by far the insanity species on the planet spend some time at the gym. Energy being exerted that’s supplying nothing. Fragile egos posturing like peacocks. Trust me I was one of them although my reasons today are only to hang onto some minute part of this whole laughing at the ridiculousness.

This pales in comparison to the billionaire with everything does not believe so and strives for more. The star who’s reached the pinnacle of his craft but believes the honor is in striving for more.

The athlete who has won the ring,well you know that story.


Why is creativity placed in a tiny box in which so few can claim. Creativity has more spaces it occupies than I can possibly list.

I can list a few that may open some eyes to their own. The art of decorating and keeping a house with pride. A planned delicious dinner, shopped for prepped then cooked. A table set with love.

A car mechanic is truly creative as is one who restores a vehicle to It’s original state.