Breathin ain’t Easy

In the wrong direction, far too often  pointed

I think you’re a saint, who’s yet to be anointed

I’ve done my time had my moments in hell

Throw me a rope crawling out of that well

And breathe just breathe

Take in the sun and feeling the wind

They can kiss my ass with that fire and brim

I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice

Love is like breathing, no way to live without

That needs to be remembered

Shatter any sense of doubt

# Life’s moment, living free





Food Romance

I’ve had many relationships, far too many romantic relationships. I am not the early 20s kid who attempted to convince himself that this was desired. It wasn’t but at least at that age, it could be rationalized.

The longest relationship in my life though has been with food. Yes, a relationship is exactly what it is. Not unlike all the others, it has been a total disaster. A love-hate painful and neurotic coupling.

Seeing food in this light I can recognize that it truly is a relationship. It may give me the means of creating a new and far better positive partnership with one of the most essential relationships in life.

Is anything in this world anything at all even real

Can I ever trust the way that I feel

If nothing is real then what the hells the sense

In having feelings for anything regardless of circumstance

Everything is real nothing is real

Verdict is in but it’s now in appeal

Confusion bout Illusion

I can’t understand why there’s still confusion

If the world I have looked upon is all my own illusion

My heart knows this truth, my mind claims it’s own conclusion

Fear it still can paralyze

Possessions yet are idolized

The voice that softly whispers when I sit with Her in silence

Be willing to surrender all that you’ve possessed

Place all your trust in me yes all of your reliance



Blame Game

An anger so untenable

A life I felt unmendable

Over all the blaming

Tired of so much shaming

Lifetime trying to fill up a hole

What part am I playing

It’s just another role

Upon this throne I ‘ve been the mad king

And the one who had to kiss the ring

I assembled all the soldiers

Laid the burden on my shoulders

I’ve been both victim and perpetrator

The hated and the hater

I am the darkness deep in the night

I am the shadow that comes in the light

All that’s been made was by my own hand

I’ve stood in the castle and gave the command

Lies lies lies why would I be surprised

Lies lies lies too many Ive denied

I think about a gun

That would finally end this run

A runaway bullet train

My behavior is insane

You think you’re so damn special

Cuz you can make it rain

Love is all but dusted

To you it’s all a game