Breathin ain’t Easy

In the wrong direction, far too often  pointed

I think you’re a saint, who’s yet to be anointed

I’ve done my time had my moments in hell

Throw me a rope crawling out of that well

And breathe just breathe

Take in the sun and feeling the wind

They can kiss my ass with that fire and brim

I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice

Love is like breathing, no way to live without

That needs to be remembered

Shatter any sense of doubt

# Life’s moment, living free




Unique Not

You think you’re alone, more so than any other being on the planet. As long as you believe it you are. Alone maybe but not unique by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry to let you in on the secret. There are so many others getting everything carding through your emotional veins right now. So believe you’re alone but give up relying on nobody could possibly understand.


The world makes no sense to me

And I no sense to the world

I’m an alien from a forgotten planet

This one’s not my home

Endless attempts to acclimate

Have always been in vain

I long for what I cannot have

A fading distant memory

I dream to find someone who knows

And they might understand

I’m in a world I don’t belong

Alone without a plan

Fearing Love

Love is persistent

Inspite my resistance

It’s call sometimes is heard

Yet not always in a word

Why do I hold onto

The thing I’d write a song to

Fears been my closest friend

The pain I won’t let end

She’s been my own creation

But I’ve used sand as it’s foundation

It’s insane to not let go

But she’s the only love I know

I’m tired of crying

Tired of lying

Tired of dieing

Tired of trying

Tired of whying

And the denying

Of playing the fool

Fuck being cool

Obeying or breaking

Societies rule

Of being ashamed

Sharing the blame

In the end always trying

To stay in the game

Something’s reminding me