Breathin ain’t Easy

In the wrong direction, far too often  pointed

I think you’re a saint, who’s yet to be anointed

I’ve done my time had my moments in hell

Throw me a rope crawling out of that well

And breathe just breathe

Take in the sun and feeling the wind

They can kiss my ass with that fire and brim

I just need to breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice

Love is like breathing, no way to live without

That needs to be remembered

Shatter any sense of doubt

# Life’s moment, living free




Control Illusion

Thank you Control, thank you for your misguided protection and for keeping me alive in a world I wanted not.

But the time has come to relax your grip and allow me to breathe on my own. I created this illusion and now grant it permission to step back and allow freedom to respond

Run silent Run deep

I will not lie. Stepping into the silence may very well bring on an avalanche of anxiety. It is in this silence we are granted permission to go to pieces. The ever protective ego balks. He or she has spent many lifetimes gluing us together, cloaking or armoring us to ward off human suffering.

We may begin to believe there might be bliss on the other side of this journey. The truth is bliss comes in the falling apart. Surrender itself is what man has sought for millenniums.


If trying

Is lying

Why am I always crying

What are you afraid of?

Well I’m not afraid of dying

I’m continuously shying

What truth am I denying

Whatever they were selling

I was determined I wasn’t buying

They tried making me afraid

Afraid of ever flying

I’d crawl out to the edge

But that voice turned me away

We can try another day

But you know it needs to be today

It is the only way it is the only way

What is this Place

I can’t seem to understand

Beyond me to even comprehend

Why can’t I figure this place out

Maybe I really don’t belong here

I look around it all seems strange

Is it the world or me insane

I cannot be the only alien

I love the planet but it’s inhabitants have missed the mark

Even though they realize

It won’t come with you when you die

Tired? A little

Tired so so tired

Tired of trying

Tired of crying

Tired of buying

Tired of lying

Tired of sighing and always shying

Wishing to be flying

No more denying

Tired of learning and told to keep plying

Told what to do but never know why

Temper your dreams, never set them to high

Do what I say not what I do

Don’t take any chances

Don’t let this be you