Breathin ain’t Easy

I dont know what direction were pointed
Your another saint who’s yet to be annointed
I’ve done my time been through hell
Throw me a rope crawlin out of this well
And breathe just breathe
Take in the sun and feel the wind
Kiss my ass with that fire and brim
I just need to breathe

Breathin ain’t easy when caught inside a vice

Like being under water looking up at ice






Good bless America Shes tearing apart

God bless America Shes losin her heart

Our borders used to carry dreams

Now who knows what they mean

Her citizens live in so much fear

Fractured yes that’s become clear

Where and when did we go wrong

Or has it been there all along

Curtains pulled ugliness revealed

Maybe that’s how we can be healed

Its Hard

It’s hard to speak harder to cry

Every time that she walks by

Hard to breathe i just sigh

God only knows the reason why

She takes the wind right from my sails

My head spins it never fails

Does she know I have my doubts

My whole damn worlds turned inside out

This can’t be real Im not sixteen

Someone wake me from this dream