Girl you know you blew my cover

I wanted more than just to be your lover

But when I let my walls come down

I looked up you weren’t around

Now I’m standing in the cold 

With no one here for me to hold

Not Me this Time

You were unwilling to risk

I felt it from the very first kiss

Doomed to failure right from the start

Holding it back guarding your heart

Can’t do this again won’t compromise

Doing without living with lies

Convincing myself that Im deserving much more

 The way that I feel I’ll no longer ignore

I won’t anymore let myself down

Not going under refusing to drown 

It’s a story bout a girl

Who I let mess up my whole world

But was it really one

Or was it just the sum

Of everything that I’d been through

The cards from life somehow I drew
The left’s I took when right was clear

To be the path out of the fear

Seems like when I checked in she just checked out

How could I know what that’s about

Can’t find ourselves on the same page

Doomed from the start we set the stage

It isn’t right you’re never wrong

How could we ever get along