Walls a Tumblin

Searching for the answers

I want to understand

Why the hell’d we even come here

Why we fighting over land

What makes you think that fear and freedom

Somehow can go hand in hand

Walls can’t purchase freedom

To a nation or a heart

Tearin down my own now

Its the only place to start


Spirit vs Material

Its time yes for me and I speak only for me it is time to stop feeding the battle.

The battle of if I pursue or surrender to a spiritual life I must also give up my desires for material gain. One is not exclusive from the other.

I desire great peace, joy even enlightenment but also retirement soon and my dream home along with the means to travel as well as make life easier for my children and spend quality and interesting time with them.

I enjoy engaging with people who’s livelihood is created through growing or preparing healthy foods or alternative healers and desire the means to support them.

One other thing before closing although I understand more Divine Love I still wish to experience romantic love hopefully that twin flame that lasts . Yes I am a romantic but tired of denying my desire for these.


I plunged my world in darkness

Yes it was me who doused the flame

Im accepting now for all these years no one else can share the blame

Self guilt is my foundation

A life’s been built upon

Punishment for choices believing they were wrong