Always Comin Home

I refuse to let you let you

Ever feel like you’re all alone

No matter where or how far you may roam

You gotta know gotta know

Ill be your home

Got a love thought Id never find never find

When it comes to you my hearts always blind

Baby please dont you ever fear

God as my witness Im always here

No matter where you may roam

In my heart in my heart youve got a home

Theres only one thing thatd be insane

If Id asked you to ever change

Not afraid to ever lose you

Because what ever time we had

Is the best I could imagine

There is nothing left to add




My Life My Story

You cannot write the story

Cuz the story is my life

I’m the author and the hero

Whatever comes to light

Want to rewrite the ending

Should just let it run its course

Makes no sense in ever bending

Truth is my only source

I’d never of imagined or planned where this path would lead

Could not be in this moment if it weren’t for every seed

Emotional IQ

My emotional iq

So many things I never knew

I may laugh when I should cry

Things I do and don’t know why

Can barely walk but wanna fly

How do I love or even try


Can it be you that helps me to heal

Allow me a place to express how I feel

I dont always know what is or isnt real

Not make love a game we have to beg borrow steal

Cmon Home

Im so glad Ive almost met ya

Guess Ill send a plane to get ya

Bring you home

Theres too many miles between

Don’t give a damn what that might mean

Just cmon home

Cmon home where you belong

Stop thinking that this might be wrong

Cmon home