Lookin back what was I thinkin

Doin drugs already drinkin

Carvin out a crazy life


New Rules

As a child crazy things they had demanded

Crucified in catholic school for writing left handed

But today theres a new rule

Kids can buy a weapon and destroy an entire school

Shes Everything

That girl she takes my breath away

My heartbeats been placed on delay

I watch her from across a room

And to my feet she is the broom

Ive never known a thing like this

My whole days made in just one kiss

She turns her head to catch my eye

I can’t hide no way to lie

She’s everything and more for me

She’s everything and more for me


Where has She been hiding

Her time She has been biding

Never lost always around

In my own heart She can be found

The stars the sea to Her belong

Through ages Shes been claimed in song

Who is this queen of hearts desire

That sets the world of souls on fire

For She is Love